About Milos Srdjevic

In the early stages of his career, Miloš gained invaluable experience in Serbia, immersing himself in various business environments and offering strategic insights to a diverse clientele. This foundation was a precursor to his transformative tenure as COO at ActiveCampaign, where he was instrumental in a pivotal shift that not only expanded the company’s client base to over 100,000 but also elevated it to a coveted unicorn status, with a presence in over 180 countries and an ARR far exceeding $150M.

Miloš played a central role in this metamorphosis, leveraging data-driven strategies and an unwavering commitment to iterative development to foster unique customer experiences and amplify global influence. His leadership, marked by forward-thinking and sustainable growth initiatives, has set a new benchmark in the industry, crafting a trajectory of innovation and collaborative success that continues to shape the future landscape of the business sector.