What’s Wrong with Dating mother of the Daughter’s Boyfriend?

Reader matter:

what’s incorrect with a soon-to-be-divorced father dating a divorced woman which is actually his daughter’s sweetheart’s mother?

-Donnie C. (Pennsylvania)

Expert’s Answer:

Hello Donnie,

I’m presuming you’re “soon-to-be-divorced dad”? Let’s imagine you happen to be. There are many big warning flags when considering online dating your own child’s date’s mommy. Let’s start off with the truth that you are not actually divorced yet. I believe that because there are young children included, you ought to wait until the split up is final before getting into a life threatening commitment. It is OK currently in some places, but ensure that it stays at this until everyone in the scenario features healed or perhaps is about becoming congenial.

Second, you’ll find vast amounts of ladies in society. So why do you must date your own girl’s sweetheart’s mom? After all in all honesty, internet dating among lunch women at the woman school or the woman gynecologist would result in less shame. Split up may be an extremely difficult circumstance for all included. Make sure to place your kids initially, plus don’t enable it to be any harder on them than it ought to be.