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Top 12 Weirdest Tax Rules Around The World

After 2025, most of the changes made to the individual tax code under the TCJA will expire. Making the TCJA rate and bracket changes permanent would increase long-run GDP by 0.9 percent and reduce federal revenue by $1.36 trillion from 2022 through 2031, when the tax cuts are scheduled to expire. Other simplifying components of the TCJA, such as elimination of the Pease limitation and the Alternative Minimum Tax, should also be prioritized for permanence. Estonia integrates its corporate and individual income tax by having a full dividend exemption at the shareholder level so only one layer of tax is applied at the corporate level on distributed corporate income. When an Estonian corporation makes a profit and distributes it to shareholders, it must pay the corporate income tax, but shareholders do not have to pay any additional taxes on the distributed dividends.

Empirical evidence indicates accelerated depreciation policies increase employment opportunities and can lead to higher wages. Full deductions, however, are not always provided when businesses spend money on physical capital, such as a new facility. Typically, when businesses incur capital costs, they must deduct the costs over several years according to depreciation schedules set by lawmakers instead of deducting them immediately in the year the Top 12 Weirdest Tax Rules Around The World purchase occurs. Several studies demonstrate the corporate tax is borne by both workers and shareholders across the income spectrum. For instance, a study of corporate taxes in Germany found workers bear about half of the tax burden in the form of lower wages, with low-skilled, young, and female employees disproportionately harmed. After more than two years of a global pandemic, people are eager to not just get back to normal, but to thrive.


Since Swiss banks were forced to open up by the US Department of Justice in 2010, their share of the world’s offshore wealth has dropped from almost half to less than a third. In the British Virgin Islands , where UK investigators now have access to corporate ownership information, the number of new companies created annually has fallen by more than 50% since 2012. Jersey’s banking sector is barely half the size that it was in 2007. “Marimanti town traders stop paying taxes to protest lack of public toilets”.

Top 12 Weirdest Tax Rules Around The World

Countries across the globe have justified deductions, extra percentages, and wacky ways of coming up with tax revenue. Here’s a countdown of the 12 strangest tax laws around the world. Swiss bank accounts have become synonymous with wildly wealthy business people who are willing to bend the law. Switzerland has some of the laxest tax regulations in the world, as well as some of the most opaque financial secrecy laws on the books. The Tax Justice Network named Switzerland the best tax haven in the world due to level of secrecy and scale of banking operations. Thus, it could be argued that, rather than a tax measure, the UTPR is instead a disguised economic sanction designed to alter the behavior of another state, regardless of impact on the investor.

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Between 1939 and 1948, there was widespread resistance by Jews in Palestine against the income tax imposed by the British authorities, which included bomb attacks against tax offices, and many Jews instead voluntarily paid taxes to Jewish organizations. A few years after Israel gained its independence, its government became the target of widespread tax evasion and resistance, including a major tax strike in 1954. Over a thousand taxpayers in Elmira, New York signed a pledge to refuse to pay local taxes until the municipal budget had been reduced, and tax rates as well.

  • After revelations of NSA spying, on top of suspicious tax moves, it’s likely that France and large Internet companies will be sparring financially for years to come.
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  • “Strathcona homeowners threaten to withhold property taxes over tent city”.
  • Many companies are not subject to the CIT because they are taxed as pass-through businesses, with income reportable under the individual income tax.
  • The canton of Uri in Switzerland instituted a tax on women’s bobbed hair in 1928, and by the following year the government was reporting widespread resistance of the law.

The Democratic Unionist Party called on its supporters to refuse to pay taxes in protest against an Anglo-Irish settlement on the political status of Northern Ireland. In 1982, Catholic Archbishop Raymond Hunthausen of Seattle, Washington, announced that he would be refusing to pay half of his income tax in protest against the nuclear arms race. In 1976, 1977, and 1978, representatives from the United States’ “peace churches” met to develop what they called a “New Call to Peacemaking,” a joint statement in which they called on members of their congregations to refuse to pay taxes that go to pay for war.

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As such, although designed under the rubric of taxation, there is potential to argue that UTPR implementing legislation is not legitimately a “tax” measure as that term is meant in investment treaties and therefore does not fall within the measures excluded by any tax “carve-out” in a BIT. The UTPR has the potential to constitute an indirect expropriation, depending on the circumstances. If we return to the example using Group X above and apply some actual figures for income earned in the group , where X does not have an IIR but is subject to 15% on income of $2,000, i.e.